Smartphone sanitizer does not use any liquid, heat, or chemical substances, so it can safely disinfect anything suitable for the internal environment! While killing 99.99% of bacteria and bacteria, ultraviolet light can also touch the microorganisms hidden in the gap, even the cleaning wipes can't reach these microorganisms. It is not only a wireless charger for mobile phones but also aromatherapy for mobile phones and other small items, harmless to the human body. Also 10W charging feature charges your phone efficiently without cables.
The inclusiveness of anti microorganism boxes, mobile phones, jewelry, watches credit cards and keys so on can be tidy as long as they are within the tolerance range of size.
Put some essential oil into the aromatherapy inlet to start having an aroma humidifier for your phones and your device will smell very wonderful.

  • Double Sterilisation
  • Wireless Fast Charge
  • Portable Lightweight Device 
  • Aromatherapy Function

UV Sterilizer Phone Wireless Charger Box

£35.00 Regular Price
£31.50Sale Price
  • TYPE-C

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