This UV Disinfectant Lamp is Made of High-Quality Steel, Very Sturdy and Stylish. Perfect for Long Time Use for Home, Office, School, and Any Private and Public Areas. The Light Bulb is Made of Quartz Material with 254nm Wavelength and 5000-8000 Hours of Service Life. Can be Used Up to 3 Years. With ultraviolet light combined with ozone, the germicidal lamp can work 360 ° in all directions. After working, open the window to make ozone gone, the environment will become safe and will not cause any harm to the body.


  • Remote Controlled
  • High Quality and Durable
  • Long Bulb Life- Up to 3 years
  • Safe & Efficient to Kill 99.99% bacterial

UV Disinfectant Remote Lamp

  • How to use

    This Ultraviolet UV Lamp Features Timer Switch with Remote Control. Plug in the Lamp, Turn on the Switch, Press "ON" button on the remote and choose the timer according to the user manual.

  • Note

    When the Ultraviolet Lamp is Turned on, Please Leave the Area Unoccupied and Keep the Environment Free of Animals and Plants. Do NOT Look Directly at the UV Light Source.

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