The Disinfection Water Generator is made of high-quality material, which can directly use edible salt and water as raw materials, which is safer, more convenient, and saves money. The self-made disinfectant is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and has no side effects. Sodium hypochlorite solution is a widely used disinfection product, and it is weakly alkaline. Electrolytic brine can generate chlorine gas on the anode and sodium hydroxide in the solution at the same time. Chlorine is dissolved in water and forms sodium hypochlorite with sodium hydroxide in the solution.


  • Disinfection Water Generator is a skin-friendly disinfectant.
  • You can easily make disinfection at home.
  • It does not hurt the skin.


4g SALT + 270ml WATER = 3 time mode come out 3 concentration

  • Low concentration: 4g salt + 270ml water, electronysis 3 mininuts = 150-200mg / L
  • Medium concentration: 4g salt + 270ml water, electronysis 5 mininuts = 200-300mg / L
  • High concentration: 4g salt + 270ml water, electronysis 8 mininuts >400 mg / L

Disinfectant water generator

  • Low concentration can be used for wounds, air, mosquito bites, hand washing, and disinfecting fruits, vegetable.

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