Portable Disposable Face Mask Holder (10pc) is a holder to store your mask when it's not in use.  A portable, disposable, folded face mask keeper to keep spare mask clean on the go. Sometimes, you need to remove your mask for a short while. Rather than stuffing it into your bag or leaving it out on a surface, risking it to crumple and worse, contaminated by bacteria, this mask holder is a place to store your mask. 

  • Portable, disposable, folded face mask keeper to keep spare mask clean on-the-go
  • A hygienic way to hold or store your mask
  • Keeps your mask folded and flat, prevents crumpling of a mask when you store it in your bag
  • Prevents your mask from being in contact from surfaces that might be contaminated (public or at home)
  • Universal size - fits all standard adult mask
  • Fold your mask in half horizontally and store it underneath the plastic flaps, then fold the holder in half like a wallet to store
  • Material: High-quality plastic

Portable Face Masks Storage

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