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how to buy the KN95 with confident?

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

  1. What is the KN95 mask? Does it has the same protection rate as the N95 mask? A: KN95 is rated under the US NIOSH standard, and KN95 is rated under the Chinese national standard. They have the same rating standard and same filter efficiency 95%, KN95 is N95 in some way.(KN95=FFP2=N95)

  2. Can it be used in Surgery? A: N95/KN95 mask doesn't mean it can be used in surgery. There are two types of masks, the N95/KN95. Surgical masks and Industrial masks. Our KN95 masks produced under the standard GB 2626-2006 and EN149:2001 which belongs to industrial style. It cannot be used in Surgery.

  3. Can I use industrial KN95 for personal protection in daily life? A: Yes, KN95 can offer a good protective level in your daily life. (Same as N95 industrial mask). 

  4. Does it have an exhalation valve? A: No. It has no valve, but enough for daily protections. We also recommend that you use a mask with a valve now.

  5. Do you have stocks of the KN95 mask for shipment? A: We have some stocks, ready for fast shipping.

  6. How to use the KN95 face mask IMPORTANT: To provide the required level of protection, it is essential that the respirator is fitted correctly. Please follow the guidance below:

  • Face the mask without the nose clip, and the nose clip should be on top;

  • hold the mask on your face and against your chin

  • Pull the straps on both sides and hand on the ears, adjust until the mask feels comfortable

  • Put your fingers in the middle of the metal nose clip, and move your fingertips to both sides until the nose clip is fully pressed into shape.

  • Pur your hands on your face to check the rightness with your face

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