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Do you Know How Dirty Your Phone Is?

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The Dirty Cell Phone: 25,127 Bacteria per Square Inch

British researchers and experts to the national situation and mobile phone use 30 a mobile phone has carried on the investigation and study results of research show that of thousands of mobile phones in use in Britain 6300 there are thousands mobile phone health threat 1470 an average of a mobile phone is the amount of bacteria men rushed to carry water to handle bacteria times 18 mobile phones bacteria a survey per square centimeter is stationed mobile phone health threat 12 according to sample calculation there were at least millions of bacteria mobile phone health threat according to it. Sample calculation due to the special environment and special treatment mobile phone has become a large number of bacteria breeding base on the scientific principle of ultraviolet disinfection.

UV sterilizer phone wireless charger

A major role in microbial damage DNA structure DNA the function of the cost of breeding and self-replicating so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization mobile phone health threat has been more and more in the field of water treatment instead of the traditional chlorine bleach sterilization since in Canada with the actual UV water treatment plant 1982 the United States Europe India after the technology has been widely adopted

UV sterilizer phone wireless charger

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