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Diary from a chinese citizen during February

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

What been though dring the covid-19 pandemic

I have a headache and an elevated body temperature, and I have been self-isolated. Every day, the body temperature is normal. I can eat, sleep and insist on writing articles. During the 14 days, I went downstairs to the gate of the community 6 times. All of us went to pick up the vegetables or the courier that had been ordered before. We wore face masks and did not speak. When I get back, I usually leave the bag at the door. Open the mouth, wash my hands twice, take out the contents, flip the bag over and throw it away.

I had a headache yesterday. I tried one more temperature measure at 3pm, 36.4 ℃. So low? No way? I have a headache and it's cold. Because I haven't had lunch, I'll cook. However, I started to worry a bit. After 2 hours, I tried again with an electronic thermometer, and my temperature was 36.8 ℃. The temperature has risen. At that moment, my worry grew.

My body temperature is different three times. Do I have a fever? So, I took out the "mercury thermometer" that I haven't used for a long time and re-measured it. The result was broken at a place between 36.5 ℃ and 37.6 ℃. ... but this gap is a little big. Is my temperature at 37.6 ℃? Add 0.5 ℃, which is 38.1 ℃. Oh my god, I have a fever? At that moment, I thought of my aunt. I have returned to Beijing for 14 days, and she has been here 4 or 5 times. She is also the person who talks to me the most. Earlier we said "nothing, don't contact". Now I have to talk to her about this situation. I even want to ask her if she has any excess mercury thermometers. Can you borrow them? Just so entangled, I decided to calm down and try my temperature again.

After picking up the mercury thermometer and shaking it, I glanced. A surprising discovery was that a bit of it was broken behind 36.5 ℃ and 37.6 ℃ ... Oh my god! It seems that it was originally bad. So I gave up decisively. I picked up the electronic thermometer again and tried a body temperature of 37 ° C. Hey, am I feverish? What a pity! To divert my attention, I went online to check the relevant information. For example, "Is the electronic thermometer accurate?" I see that "the error generally does not exceed -0.1 ℃." Calm down, self-control the symptoms of mild patients so far, my worries a little bit. But don't give up, because some confirmed patients have no fever.

I continued to search, "What are the symptoms of the coronavirus?" I saw what the chief physician of the hospital reviewed: Mild patients mainly showed low fever, fatigue, and dry cough. First of all, I definitely don't have the symptom of "dry cough". Secondly, how to define "weakness"? Anyway, in the last 14 days, I could eat and sleep, and kept writing, and I took a lot of vegetables to the 6th floor. Although the schedule is a bit irregular, when I think that my pen pals are insisting on writing articles, I don't even feel sleepy, so I quickly code. So, this doesn't count. Finally, "low fever" symptoms. Although I have tested my body temperature every day for the past 14 days, most of them are between 36.4 ℃ and 37.1 ℃, do I really not know how many degrees are low fever? I quickly checked and got the result: the normal body temperature of an adult is 36 ° C-37 ° C, and between 37.3 ° C and 38 ° C is considered a low fever. So I tried my body temperature again, 36.8 ℃. Looking at it this way, I don't count as having a low fever. In summary, I have no symptoms of pneumonia, so I convinced myself to go to sleep. Believe in science and get rid of "suspects" Wake up at 7 o'clock the next day, very calm. I touched my forehead and thought it was normal. I tested my body temperature with an electronic thermometer at 36.8 ℃, which was the same as last time yesterday. However, I still have a headache. So, I should just catch a cold. When I ate, I and a friend who went to the hospital for CT because of "sore throat and dry cough" a few days ago sent a message saying this. She asked "Are you fever?" I have a cold. "I thought the night before I turned on the humidifier and opened the 2nd gear. I woke up more than 5 in the morning and found that there was a lot of water vapor in the room, and even the quilt was a little tide, and it was closed immediately. It was also from that day that I started having headaches. This is probably a suspected condition, mainly manifested as: Always suspect that you are sick. I find that many people have such doubts and concerns.

I always suspect that I am sick, what should I do? This is related to excessive mental stress and excessive thinking. Especially when a symptom persists, you will strengthen your guess. Coupled with this particular period of time, you do not want to go to the hospital, so you repeatedly check the relevant information on the Internet, check the relevant symptoms and take the seat, so you increasingly believe that you are sick. This is a vicious cycle of reinforcement. In a special period, we should believe in science and facts. Maintain a stable mood, wash your hands frequently, and stay out of the door. When you have to go out, you must wear a mask. Do not believe rumors, do not pass rumors Keep a regular schedule Find something to do. Read books, go online, learn cooking, chat with family, etc. I believe this world will change for the better

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