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As the quarantine and restrictions related to COVID-19 are easing up all around the world, it is crucial to maintain some personal habits to keep yourself and your family safe.

One especially important habit is to continue taking precautionary measures to reduce the risk of catching the virus.

This includes wearing masks while in crowded areas, keeping your distance from other people, steering away from symptomatic patients, and maintaining a high level of hygiene by using disinfectant water generator and alcohol hand sanitizer.

This article will discuss the mechanism of action of these two devices and why it’s important to get your own.

Why is it important to take precautionary measures?

As we mentioned above, governments are removing some restrictions due to socioeconomic reasons; however, researchers have yet to come up with effective treatment and/or vaccine to eradicate SARS-CoV-2, and therefore, we need to stay alert and keep taking all the precautions.

The two following products will ensure that you stay safe at home and everywhere else:

Disinfectant water generator

The disinfectant water generator utilizers the principle of electrolysis to produce sodium hypochlorite, which has potent decontaminating properties.

According to reports, sodium hypochlorite has a sterilization rate of 99%, which means it will practically eradicate all microbes.

The produced solution is skin-friendly and can be used repeatedly without any dermatological side effects, making this product the perfect choice to place at home or in the work office.

To learn more about this product’s mechanism of action, as well as the available models, check out our website.

Alcohol hand sanitizer

As the name implies, alcohol is the primary ingredient in alcohol hand sanitizers, taking up at least 60% of the product.

For decades, alcohol has been used as a disinfecting agent to eradicate microbes, pesticides, and harmful chemicals, especially in healthcare settings (e.g., hospitals, clinics).

This product can also be used by the general population while outside, at work, or during shopping. You see, alcohol is extremely toxic to the proteins found in bacteria, viruses, and fungi, which helps disintegrate their structures and offers full protection.

Unfortunately, when the concentration of alcohol drops below 60%, the hand sanitizer has practically expired (this process takes about 36 months to occur).

Therefore, make sure to get alcohol hand sanitizers that are labeled 70% to ensure that the product is effective and has a long shelf-life.

Takeaway message

It is vital to avoid making the common mistakes of neglecting precautionary measures just because the government is removing some restrictions. The virus is still here, and it’s still affecting hundreds of thousands of people every day.

If you want to take the smart move and get the right products to protect yourself and your family, check out our website and get same-day delivery across the United Kingdom with dozens of discounts and FREE shipping.

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